Chadd (jediwonderboy) wrote in mode2_art,

Ahhh... a day off.

I'm doing nothing today. I might do some drawing, but at this time all I've accomplished is drinking some coffee and uploading pics.

Here are some others for the RPG I was doing concept sketches for. The only direction I received, besides some vague character descrptions, was to go for a "70's Robotech" feel. I think some of them need bigger hair.


These guys are called "runners". Kinda like super-messenger boys.

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Some other armored dude.

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And then these guys, who were explained to me as characters who never talk, always have these teeny floating orbs around them that can do a multiple number of things. I'm thinking of adding a mouthpeice to the helmet and redesigning the top, 'cause i think it kind of sucks.

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